The Games Quarter, hosted by TIGA and UCL, offers a col­lab­or­ative learning envir­on­ment for the games industry, building on the success of The Mobile Academy. Our edu­ca­tion pro­gramme covers the things you need to know to create suc­cessful games studios and publish great games.

We are the place to go for those who are start-ups and indies as well as exper­i­enced games folk from larger studios who want a deeper under­standing of the rela­tion­ship between dif­ferent design, engin­eering, mar­keting and busi­ness skills. The Games Quarter gives a broad over­view of games to help fill in busi­ness and tech­nical know­ledge gaps.

Par­ti­cipants are encour­aged to work on their game (alone, or teaming up with others) as they pro­gress through the diverse pro­gramme of talks, work­shops, demon­stra­tions and clinics.