How to Apply — Games Studio Employees Eligible for 50% of Course Funding

Huge thanks to Cre­ative Skillset for approving The Games Quarter course.

This means that games studio employees are eli­gible for funding of 50% for the course. For full details please visit their website.

So, who is eligible?

Applic­a­tions must be made by games company employers on behalf of their staff. Indi­viduals cannot apply for this funding.

Please note: Funding must be applied for and approved before the course is paid for. This is key to eligibility.

What steps do I take to apply?

  1. You need to apply for funding here.
  2. If you need to check whether you are eli­gible, please contact Louise Franklin, Fund Manager at
  3. You then need to receive con­firm­a­tion of the grant prior to booking the course.


The course starts on June 10th so funding applic­a­tions must be made as soon as pos­sible before this date. If you are inter­ested in attending and in the process of applying for funding, please email us on to register your interest.

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